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Aikane Plantation Coffee Co.

Aikane Plantation Coffee Co.


A Very Popular Couple + Coffee

Aikane Plantation Coffee is 100% Hawaiian gourmet coffee, grown on our family estate located on the slopes of majestic Mauna Loa Mountain in the District of Ka’u.

Their coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil with just the right amount of Hawaiian sunshine. After the coffee cherries are pulped, the beans are high pressure washed to remove the mucilage. The beans are then put into a vat with water to ferment over night. The following morning they are pressure washed again to remove the fermentation. After the beans are thoroughly washed they are placed on a screen to remove the excess water. When dried to the touch, the beans are removed from the screens and placed on wooden drying racks where they are dried by the Hawaiian sun to our specific moisture content. Next the beans are roasted to a Medium-Dark Roast and immediately placed in sealed foil bags. To insure freshness, each bag has a one-way valve to keep freshness in and air out.

“My wife, Merle is the 5th generation of family to live in Hawaii. Her great grandfather started growing coffee in 1894. In 1998, over 100 years after the first trees were planted we started Aikane Plantation Coffee Co.

“Gift Baskets are a popular item.  We can put together virtually any combination of Aikane Plantation coffee, 1#, 1/2/#, chocolate covered peaberries, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, coffee cups, or coffee tumblers.   Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll put it together for you, and ship it in a USPS flat rate box.”

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