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Featuring: KonaRed ~ Here it is!

What everyone is talking about

Folks here in Hawaii are pretty darn excited about this stuff.  Locally we’re hearing about it’s superior health benefits – everything from delaying aging to “it’s the next super food.”  This incredible food and energy value of the whole coffee fruit has been understood by native peoples for centuries.  As long as coffee has been around coffee growers hands have  been soft, youthful and supple despite working in the field’s harsh conditions.  “It was known as the “nectar of the gods.”  You heard it here folks – wait until you start seeing it pop up on all the tv shows from Opera to the Doctors.  And it’s grown right in our own backyard.

What is KonaRed™?  It’s the fruit of the coffee plant that surrounds, protects and nourishes the seed (bean). This coffee Fruit has an extraordinary level of desirable nutrients and antioxidants that work at the cellular level and provide protective benefits to help prevent disease and delay aging.

Besides feeling “more enlightened,” “energetic, and “alert,” one customer claims in the past 6 months he hasn’t had to take his anti-inflammatory pills or had to wear a brace on his bad knee.  And “gone,” was his sinus infection.  Our bodies are our temples – and this stuff sounds like pure alter juice.  After all the fruit grows free of insecticides using eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Here ya go … start living longer, better and healthier (opens a new window)

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